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Table 1 Experimental design and drug treatment

From: Ginkgo biloba leaf extract mitigates cisplatin-induced chronic renal interstitial fibrosis by inhibiting the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of renal tubular epithelial cells mediated by the Smad3/TGF-β1 and Smad3/p38 MAPK pathways

Group Drug (dose)
Day 1 Day 22–40
Control Equal volume of saline Saline equal volume to that of EGb (3.17 mg/kg/day)
Cisplatin Cisplatin (5 mg/kg) Saline equal volume to that of EGb (3.17 mg/kg/day)
Cisplatin  +  L-EGb Cisplatin (5 mg/kg) EGb (1.58 mg/kg/day)
Cisplatin  +  M-EGb Cisplatin (5 mg/kg) EGb (3.17 mg/kg/day)
Cisplatin  +  H-EGb Cisplatin (5 mg/kg) EGb (6.34 mg/kg/day)
  1. L low dose; M medium dose; H high dose; EGb Ginkgo biloba leaf extract