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Fig. 5

From: Mineral medicine: from traditional drugs to multifunctional delivery systems

Fig. 5

Copyright 2019, American Chemical Society. C Schematic represented for ATO liposome modified with Ac4MAN micelle. D Drug release curves of ATO-LIP and Ac4MAN-ATo-LIP (E) drug release curves of Ni-LIP and Ac4MAN-Ni-LIP (n = 3) [49]. Copyright 2019, American Chemical Society. F Tumor growth curves after treatment with the same dose of dimethyl sulfoxide, GANT, ATO, Gos, GANT/Gos, and ATO/Gos at 2.5 µM. G Bar charts made at 6, 13, and 28 days [50]. Copyright 2019, MDPI

A Schematic illustration for the synthesis and preparation of ANG-LP-PAA-MSN@ATO for glioma therapy. B Confocal images of HBMEC cells and C6 cells treated with the three agents for 4 h [48].

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