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Call for papers

Chinese Medicine welcomes submissions to its Thematic Series on a wide range of topics. Please see the call for papers page for more details.

Aims and scope

Chinese Medicine is an open access, online journal publishing evidence-based, scientifically justified, and ethical research into all aspects of Chinese medicine.

Areas of interest include recent advances in herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, clinical diagnosis, acupuncture, pharmaceutics, biomedical sciences, epidemiology, education, informatics, sociology, and psychology that are relevant and significant to Chinese medicine. Examples of research approaches include biomedical experimentation, high-throughput technology, clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, sampled surveys, simulation, data curation, statistics, omics, translational medicine, and integrative methodologies.

Chinese Medicine is a credible channel to communicate unbiased scientific data, information, and knowledge in Chinese medicine among researchers, clinicians, academics, and students in Chinese medicine and other scientific disciplines of medicine.

Society information

The International Society for Chinese Medicine (ISCM) is an independent and non-profit academic organization mainly funded by the Macao Foundation.

Since its establishment in 2004, it has been striving to gather international expertise, through international, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, to promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine. ISCM endeavors to further expand and gather broad international expertise for the advancement of Chinese medicine.

As an organization based in Macao, it aims to foster an international platform for the development of Chinese medicine.

Society affiliations

Chinese Medicine is the official journal of the International Society for Chinese Medicine. The editorial office is based in Macao and sponsored by the Macao Foundation and University of Macau.