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Figure 4

From: Effect of KOB03, a polyherbal medicine, on ovalbumin-induced allergic rhinitis in guinea pigs

Figure 4

Effects of KOB03 on histological changes in the nasal mucosa of OVA sensitization/challenge-induced AR guinea pigs. The histological changes of nasal mucosa were observed by microscope after H&E and PAS staining (magnification × 100). The arrows represent nasal epithelial damage with mucosa edema in the OVA-control group (H&E) and the mucin-positive goblet cells (PAS). a, normal; b, OVA control; c, OVA + KOB03 (200 mg/kg)-administrated group; d, OVA + KOB03 (500 mg/kg)-administrated group; and e, OVA + ketotifen (10 mg/kg)-administrated group.

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