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  1. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history, rich clinical experience, and unique advantages in the prevention and treatment of diseases. The quality and safety of Chinese medicinal materials (CMMs) ...

    Authors: Dazhong Zhao, Zunzhe Tian, Jing Cai and Juan He
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:61
  2. Many studies about depression have focused on the dysfunctional synaptic signaling in the hippocampus that drives the pathophysiology of depression. Radix Bupleuri has been used in China for over 2000 years to re...

    Authors: Chen-Yue Liu, Jian-Bei Chen, Yue-Yun Liu, Xue-Ming Zhou, Man Zhang, You-Ming Jiang, Qing-Yu Ma, Zhe Xue, Zong-Yao Zhao, Xiao-Juan Li and Jia-Xu Chen
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:60
  3. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combination (TCM-WMC) increased the complexity of compounds ingested.

    Authors: Zhao Chen, Mengzhu Zhao, Liangzhen You, Rui Zheng, Yin Jiang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Ruijin Qiu, Yang Sun, Haie Pan, Tianmai He, Xuxu Wei, Zhineng Chen, Chen Zhao and Hongcai Shang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:58
  4. Myocardial fibrosis changes the structure of myocardium, leads to cardiac dysfunction and induces arrhythmia and cardiac ischemia, threatening patients’ lives. Electroacupuncture at PC6 (Neiguan) was previousl...

    Authors: Wenchuan Qi, Xiang Li, Yanrong Ren, Xueying Liu, Hongjuan Fu, Xiao Wang, Xiao Li, Jian Xiong, Qianhua Zheng, Dingjun Cai and Fanrong Liang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:57
  5. The unripe fruits of Rubus chingii Hu. (“Fu-peng-zi” in Chinese) is a well-known herbal tonic in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for tonifying liver and kidney. However, little is known regarding its therapeut...

    Authors: Jianjun Wu, Dingqi Zhang, Bo Zhu, Siqi Wang, Yongbin Xu, Congcong Zhang, Hailing Yang, Shunchun Wang, Ping Liu, Luping Qin and Wei Liu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:56
  6. Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a highly aggressive subtype of breast cancer that develops resistance to chemotherapy frequently. Autophagy has been reported as a pro-survival response to chemotherapeu...

    Authors: Shuang Zhang, Yu Dong, Xiuping Chen, Chris Soon Heng TAN, Min Li, Kai Miao and Jia-Hong Lu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:55
  7. The processing of medicinal plant materials is one of the important factors influencing the components and biological activities of TCMs. Smilax glabra Roxb. is an herbal vine widely distributed in China, and its...

    Authors: Juanjuan Qiao, Gengyu Lu, Gang Wu, Hui Liu, Wanli Wang, Tianmao Zhang, Guoyong Xie and Minjian Qin
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:54
  8. Acupuncture at Neiguan (PC6) has long been used for treating cardiovascular diseases, but its antiarrhythmic effect and the underlying mechanisms have not yet been well investigated, especially regarding prema...

    Authors: Hao Hong, Xin Cao, Tian Deng, Xiang-Min Meng, Yu-Meng Li, Li-Juan Zhu, Jing Lv, Xuan Li, Shu-Guang Yu and Bing-Mei Zhu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:52
  9. Hemorrhagic transformation (HT) is a common complication of delayed tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) treatment for ischemic stroke. Peroxynitrite plays an important role in the breakdown of blood–brain barr...

    Authors: Hansen Chen, Yunxia Luo, Bun Tsoi, Bing Gu, Suhua Qi and Jiangang Shen
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:51
  10. Rhei Radix et Rhizoma (rhubarb), as one of the typical representatives of multi-effect traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), has been utilized in the treatment of various diseases due to its multicomponent nat...

    Authors: Jia-Qian Chen, Yan-Yan Chen, Xia Du, Hui-Juan Tao, Zong-Jin Pu, Xu-Qin Shi, Shi-Jun Yue, Gui-Sheng Zhou, Er-Xin Shang, Yu-Ping Tang and Jin-Ao Duan
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:50
  11. We aim to study the clinical effect of moxibustion at Laogong interval with Panax notoginseng on the short-term maturation and long-term patency of arteriovenous fistula.

    Authors: Yurou Chen, Lin Xu, Di Huang, Dongping Chen, Feng Wu, Luobing Wang, Jie Zhou, Tianying Lan, Xuehua Qin and Chaoyang Ye
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:49
  12. Low-frequency electroacupuncture (EA) has been shown to ameliorate obesity and reproductive dysfunctions in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and further explorations in PCOS-like rats showed tha...

    Authors: Hongru Gao, Xiaoyu Tong, Wei Hu, Yicong Wang, Kuinyu Lee, Xiaoqing Xu, Jiemei Shi, Zhenle Pei, Wenhan Lu, Yuning Chen, Ruonan Zhang, Zheyi Wang, Ziyu Wang, Chengzhi Han, Yu Wang and Yi Feng
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:48
  13. Precision medicine aims to address the demand for precise therapy at the gene and pathway levels. We aimed to design software to allow precise treatment of osteoporosis (OP) with Chinese medicines (CMs) at the...

    Authors: Jinyu Li, Guiyu Feng, Haoyang He, Haolin Wang, Jia Tang, Aiqing Han, Xiaohong Mu and Weifeng Zhu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:47
  14. Leonuri Herba (Yimucao) is a very common Chinese herbs for treating menstrual and maternal diseases for thousands of years in China. However, the herb collected in different origins was easily found in the mar...

    Authors: Kelly Yinching Lam, Yinghao Wang, Tszking Lam, Chuenfai Ku, Wingping Yeung and Zhongzhen Zhao
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:46
  15. The present quality control method of Chinese medicinal materials (CMM) has obvious deficiency, which cannot be compatible with the multi-target and multi-component characteristics and production process of CM...

    Authors: Qi Xiao, Xinlu Mu, Jiushi Liu, Bin Li, Haitao Liu, Bengang Zhang and Peigen Xiao
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:45
  16. Xian-ling-lian-xia-fang (XLLXF), a Chinese medicine decoction, is widely used in the treatment of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). However, the underlying mechanism of XLLXF in TNBC treatment has not been...

    Authors: Feifei Li, Youyang Shi, Yang Zhang, Xiaojuan Yang, Yi Wang, Kexin Jiang, Ciyi Hua, Chunyu Wu, Chenping Sun, Yuenong Qin and Sheng Liu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:44
  17. To investigate how the ulcerative colitis (UC) be treated with Chinese herbal medicines (CHM), using Chinese medicine (CM) pattern (zheng) identification, in the current clinical practice.

    Authors: Xuan Zhang, Lin Zhang, Jacky C. P. Chan, Xihong Wang, Chenchen Zhao, Ying Xu, Weifeng Xiong, Wai Chak Chung, Feng Liang, Xu Wang, Jiangxia Miao and Zhaoxiang Bian
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:43
  18. To explore the effect of Ludangshen oral liquid for treatment of convalescent patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter method.

    Authors: Xuedong An, Bo Peng, Xiaodong Huang, Hongmei Jiang, Zhang’e Xiong, Hong Zhang, Fengmei Lian, Yuanming Ba and Xiaolin Tong
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:42
  19. Moschus is a rare and precious natural medicine. Due to the properties of resources scarcity and expensive price of natural musk, artificial musk has been developed as substitute materials in some prescriptions. ...

    Authors: Meng Ding, Jun-Li Fan, Dong-Fang Huang, Yue Jiang, Meng-Ning Li, Yu-Qing Zheng, Xiao-Ping Yang, Ping Li and Hua Yang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:41
  20. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) causes a global pandemic and has devastating effects around the world, however, there are no specific antiviral drugs and vaccines for the constant mutation of SARS-CoV-2.

    Authors: Qinhai Ma, Biao Lei, Ruihan Chen, Bin Liu, Wencong Lu, Haiming Jiang, Zexing Chen, Xiaowen Guo, Yutao Wang, Lu Zhang, Qiaoyan Chen, Xiaobo Li and Zifeng Yang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:40
  21. Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes continuous mucosal inflammation. Anemonin is a natural molecule from the Ranunculaceae and Gramineae plants that exerts anti-inflammatory pr...

    Authors: Lu Jiang, Chunhua Chi, Fang Yuan, Meiqi Lu, Dongqing Hu, Lin Wang and Xiaoming Liu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:39
  22. Gastric mucosal lesions (GML) are common in gastric diseases and seriously affect the quality of life. There are inevitable side effects in drug therapy. Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese...

    Authors: Miaosen Huang, Yiwei Peng, Qida He, Linyu Lian, Yichen Wang, Longbin Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Jiacheng Shen and Zongbao Yang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:37
  23. Colon cancer (CC) ranks the second highest mortality rate among malignant tumors worldwide, and the current mainstream treatment regimens are not very effective. The unique efficacy of Chinese herb medicine (C...

    Authors: Boyu Pan, Yafei Xia, Zilu Gao, Gang Zhao, Liangjiao Wang, Senbiao Fang, Liren Liu and Shu Yan
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:36
  24. Mass spectrometry imaging is a frontier technique which connects classical mass spectrometry with ion imaging. Various types of chemicals could be visualized in their native tissues using mass spectrometry ima...

    Authors: Lieyan Huang, Lixing Nie, Zhong Dai, Jing Dong, Xiaofei Jia, Xuexin Yang, Lingwen Yao and Shuang-cheng Ma
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:35
  25. Excessive osteoclast activation is an important cause of imbalanced bone remodeling that leads to pathological bone destruction. This is a clear feature of many osteolytic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis...

    Authors: Wenkan Zhang, Guangyao Jiang, Xiaozhong Zhou, Leyi Huang, Jiahong Meng, Bin He and Yiying Qi
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:34
  26. Viola philippica Cav. is the only original plant for Violae Herba, as described in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The quality of this crude drug is affected by several adulterants from congeneric Viola species, and t...

    Authors: Gengyu Lu, Juanjuan Qiao, Long Wang, Hui Liu, Gang Wu, Yan Zhu, Yucheng Zhao, Guoyong Xie and Minjian Qin
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:32
  27. Constipation is a common problem among advanced cancer patients; however, many of them find limited effective from current therapies. Thus, we aimed to test the effect of a traditional Chinese herbal formula, ...

    Authors: Chung-wah Cheng, Hoi-fung Mok, Cora W. S. Yau, Jasmine T. M. Chan, Yu-chen Kang, Pui-yan Lam, Linda L. D. Zhong, Chen Zhao, Bacon F. L. Ng, Annie O. L. Kwok, Doris M. W. Tse and Zhao-xiang Bian
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:31
  28. Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has made an important contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic. This review aimed to evaluate the...

    Authors: Xiaomin Kang, De Jin, Linlin Jiang, Yuqing Zhang, Yuehong Zhang, Xuedong An, Liyun Duan, Cunqing Yang, Rongrong Zhou, Yingying Duan, Yuting Sun and Fengmei Lian
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:30
  29. Melanoma is among the most aggressive types of skin malignancy and can have an unpredictable clinical course. Exploration of novel therapeutic targets and their regulators remains essential for the prevention ...

    Authors: Wen-Bei Liu, He-Li Wang, Lei Chen, Biao Tang, Guolin Ke, Shuai Wang, Yin-Qiao Sun, Junting Ma and Da-Lun Lyu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:28
  30. Tea trees originated in southwest China 60 million or 70 million years ago. Written records show that Chinese ancestors had begun drinking tea over 3000 years ago. Nowadays, with the aging of populations world...

    Authors: Si-Yuan Pan, Qu Nie, Hai-Chuan Tai, Xue-Lan Song, Yu-Fan Tong, Long-Jian-Feng Zhang, Xue-Wei Wu, Zhao-Heng Lin, Yong-Yu Zhang, Du-Yun Ye, Yi Zhang, Xiao-Yan Wang, Pei-Li Zhu, Zhu-Sheng Chu, Zhi-Ling Yu and Chun Liang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:27
  31. Our previous study indicated that Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (EGb) could protect against cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury in rabbits. The present study aimed to determine the effects and potential molecular ...

    Authors: Congying Wei, Yansong Zhang, Xiaobin Zhong, Sisi Lu, Xiaoqin Zou, Yufang Yang, Songqing Huang and Zhenguang Huang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:25
  32. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide, and most of the patients after treatment with EGF-TKIs develop drug resistance, which is closely correlated with EMT. Cucurbitacin B (CuB) is a n...

    Authors: Renyikun Yuan, Qiumei Fan, Xiaowei Liang, Shan Han, Jia He, Qin-Qin Wang, Hongwei Gao, Yulin Feng and Shilin Yang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:24
  33. Ganxianfang (GXF) formula as a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is used for liver fibrosis in clinical practice while its mechanism is unclear. The aim of this study is to explore the molecular mechanism of ...

    Authors: Zongyi Liu, Huanyu Xiang, Dejuan Xiang, Shuang Xiao, Hongyan Xiang, Jing Xiao, Hong Ren, Peng Hu, Huabao Liu and Mingli Peng
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:23
  34. Brain impairment is one of a major complication of diabetes. Dietary flavonoids have been recommended to prevent brain damage. Astragalus membranaceus is a herbal medicine commonly used to relieve the complicatio...

    Authors: Xuling Li, Tingting Zhao, Junling Gu, Zhe Wang, Jing Lin, Rushang Wang, Tingting Duan, Zhenghai Li, Ruixue Dong, Weiming Wang, Kin-Fong Hong, Zhilong Liu, Wenbo Huang, Dingkun Gui, Hua Zhou and Youhua Xu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:22
  35. Mineral drugs are an important constituent of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Taking minerals that contain heavy metals as drugs is a very national characteristic part of TCM. However, the safety and scien...

    Authors: Xiaoqing Zhong, Zhenning Di, Yuanxin Xu, Qifan Liang, Kuanhan Feng, Yuting Zhang, Liuqing Di and Ruoning Wang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:21
  36. Buzhongyiqi decoction (BD), Sijunzi decoction (SD), and Shenlingbaizhu decoction (SHD) have been extensively used clinically for the treatment of diseases caused by spleen-Qi deficiency and microbial fermentat...

    Authors: Xin Guo, Zipeng Yan, Jixiang Wang, Xinfeng Fan, Jie Kang, Ruiyan Niu and Zilong Sun
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:20
  37. Acute lung injury (ALI) is an acute multifactorial infectious disease induced by trauma, pneumonia, shock, and sepsis. This study aimed to investigate the protective effects of pseudoephedrine and emodin combi...

    Authors: Wen-Ba Wang, Jing-Tao Li, Yi Hui, Jie Shi, Xu-Yan Wang and Shu-Guang Yan
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:19
  38. Osteoarthritis (OA) is widely recognized as the most common chronic joint disease accompanied by progressive cartilage and subchondral bone damage. Toddalolactone (TOD), a natural compound extracted from Toddalia...

    Authors: Yiming Xu, Song Xue, Tian Zhang, Xinmeng Jin, Cong Wang, Haiming Lu, Yiming Zhong, Hongjie Chen, Libo Zhu, Jinzhong Ma and Weilin Sang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:18
  39. Red yeast rice (RYR), a nutraceutical with a profound cholesterol-lowering effect, was found to attenuate non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in mice. Despite monacolin K in RYR being a specific inhibito...

    Authors: Jian Zou, Chunyan Yan and Jian-Bo Wan
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:17
  40. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a prevalent and debilitating condition. Conventional medications cannot control all symptoms and may inflict adverse effects. A survey reported that Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is...

    Authors: Sam Chun Sum Yuen, Ka Kit Chua, Linda L. D. Zhong, Kam Wa Chan, Conrad Kwan Ho Chan, Kam Leung Chan, Zhixiu Lin, Vincent Mok, Alexander Y. Lau and Min Li
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:16
  41. Dianthi herba (called “Qumai” in Chinese) is the dried aerial part of Dianthus superbus L. and Dianthus chinensis L. The species are mainly distributed in the temperate and warm temperate regions in the northern ...

    Authors: Qian Liu, Er-Huan Zang, Cong-Cong Wang, Yu-Chao Liu, Hui Niu, Yuan Gao and Min-Hui Li
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:15
  42. The stems of Kadsura interior A. C. Smith are used as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Kadsurae Caulis, with the traditional efficacy of tonifying and invigorating the blood, therefore being favored to treat bl...

    Authors: Jing Xu, Jiushi Liu, Bin Li, Xueping Wei, Yaodong Qi, Bengang Zhang, Haitao Liu and Peigen Xiao
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:14
  43. Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a progressive and rare disease without obvious clinical symptoms that shares characteristics with pulmonary vascular remodeling. Right heart failure in the terminal pha...

    Authors: Zhijie Yu, Jun Xiao, Xiao Chen, Yi Ruan, Yang Chen, Xiaoyuan Zheng and Qiang Wang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:13
  44. Traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharides (TCMPs) are plentiful and renewable resources with properties such as biocompatibility, hydrophilicity, biodegradability, and low cytotoxicity. Because the polysacc...

    Authors: Bei Wang, Xianfeng Wang, Zhiwei Xiong, Guanzheng Lu, Weikun Ma, Qinglin Lv, Long Wang, Xiaobin Jia and Liang Feng
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2022 17:12