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Table 2 List of items in the final round

From: Developing a diagnostic checklist of traditional Chinese medicine symptoms and signs for psoriasis: a Delphi study

Domain Symptoms and signs
Skin lesion color Full red, red, garnet, pink, darker skinned
Type of skin lesion Papule, scaling, crust, pustule, cracking, erythema
Shape of skin lesion Scattered, guttate, ostaceous, plaque, map shape, generalized lesion, annular, thickness, hyperpigmentation, depigmentation, rough surface, infiltration, thin scale, thick scale, easy scaly exfoliation, dry scale
Associated factors Trigger factors: overexertion, depression, stirring
Aggravating factors: smoking, drinking alcohol, hot water, stimulating medicine, infection, during menstruation, postpartum
predilection diet: heavy and greasy, pungent, cold and raw
Stool: less stool, constipation
Mental irritation: sense of distress in the chest, anxiety and irritability
Itching degree: severe, mild, slight, absent
Itching frequency: continuous, intermittent
Fever: fever, hot palms, soles and heart
Urine: scanty dark urine
Muscle and joint: muscles and joint pain, stiffness with bending limitation
Mouth: dry mouth and thirsty, dry mouth and not thirsty, bitter taste, fetid breath, sticky taste
Sleep: insomnia, frequent dreams
Complexion: flushed
Nail manifestation: nails not lustrous
Menstruation: scanty menstruation, crimson color, blood clot
Throat: sore throat, redness of pharyngeal portion, tonsil suppuration
Tongue and its coating Substance: pale, red, maroon, dark purple tongue or tongue with petechiae, thin delicate, enlarged tongue fissured
Coating: white, yellow, greasy, glossy, rough, less, peeling, sublingual varicose veins and bluish purple
Pulse Moderate, slippery, rapid, string, deep, thread, hesitant
Living environment Humid, dry, hot, cold