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Figure 2

From: Identification of seven Zingiberaceous species based on comparative anatomy of microscopic characteristics of seeds

Figure 2

Micrographs showing transverse sections of seed coats of seven Zingiberaceous species. A. Alpinia galanga; B. Alpinia katsumadai; C. Alpinia zerumbet; D. Amomum kravanh; E. Amomum subulatum; F. Amomum tsao-ko; G. Elettaria cardamomum. 1. Aril cells; 2. Epidermal cells of testa; 3. Hypodermal cells of testa; 4. Oil cells; 5. Pigment layer; 6. Palisade sclerenchymatous cells of endotesta; 7. Perisperm cells; 8. Obliterated cells.

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