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Table 1 Cytotoxicity and selectivity index of 50% ethanol-water extract of CF on HepG2 cells compared with Vero cells

From: Cratoxylum formosum (Jack) Dyer ssp. pruniflorum (Kurz) Gogel. (Hóng yá mù) extract induces apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells through caspase-dependent pathways

Sample Part used IC50 ± SD (μg/mL) Selectivity index (SI)c
HepG2 Vero  
Cratoxylum formosum (Jack) Dyer ssp. pruniflorum (Kurz) Gogel. Twig 55.9 ± 10.6 Inactiveb 8.9
Melphalana   37.7 ± 9.8 59.9 ± 3.2 1.6
  1. Data expressed as the mean ± SD of three determinations.
  2. aStandard anticancer drug.
  3. bIC50 > 500 μg/mL is considered inactive.
  4. cSI referred to Selectivity Index, when SI value > 3 indicates high selectivity.