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Table 1 Species used in this study along with their species/strain numbers, geographic origins, and GenBank accession numbers

From: Identification of commercial Ganoderma (Lingzhi) species by ITS2 sequences

Species Species/strain numbers Geographic origin Sample type GenBank no. References
Ganoderma applanatum ATCC44053 Japan JQ520161 [41]
G. applanatum GA117 Jilin, China DQ424996 [42]
G. fornicatuma AS 5.539, Type 1 Taiwan, China AY593859 [43]
G. fornicatuma AS 5.539, Type 2 Taiwan, China AY593860 [43]
G. sinense (G. japonicum) AS 5.69, Type 1 Hainan, China AY593864 [43]
G. sinense (G. japonicum) AS 5.69, Type 2 Hainan, China AY593865 [43]
G. lucidum Dai12573 Liaoning, China JQ781855 [11]
G. lucidum SN04MT01 Heilongjiang, China Fruiting body KJ453526 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT02 Heilongjiang, China Fruiting body KJ453527 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT03 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453528 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT04 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453529 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT05 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453530 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT06 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453531 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT07 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453532 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT08 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453533 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT09 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453534 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT10 Tianjin, China Fruiting body KJ453535 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT11 Tianjin, China Fruiting body KJ453536 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT12 Tianjin, China Fruiting body KJ453537 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT13 Guangdong, China Fruiting body KJ453538 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT14 Guangdong, China Fruiting body KJ453539 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT15 Unknown, Shop Medicinal slices KJ453540 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT16 Hebei, China Fruiting body KJ453541 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT17 Hebei, China Fruiting body KJ453542 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT18 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453543 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT19 Shandong, China Medicinal slices KJ453544 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT20 IMPLAD, China Strain KJ453545 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT21 IMPLAD, China Spores KJ453546 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT22 IMPLAD, China Extract KJ453547 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT23 IMPLAD, China Spore Oil KJ453548 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT24 Taiwan, China Fruiting body KJ453549 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT25 Taiwan, China Fruiting body KJ453550 This study
G. lucidum SN04MT26 Taiwan, China Fruiting body KJ453551 This study
G. lucidum ASI-7004 Korea JQ520167 [41]
G. lucidum GlCN04 Italy AM906058 [44]
G. lucidum Dai2272 Sweden JQ781851 [11]
G. lucidum Dai11593 Finland JQ781852 [11]
G. lucidum CBS 270.81 France Z37099 [45]
G. lucidum HMAS 86597 U.K. AY884176 [12]
G. multipileum Dai9521 Hainan, China JQ781874 [11]
G. multipileum HMAS 242384 Sichuan, China JF915409 [12]
G. resinaceum DP2 Italy AM906060 [44]
G. resinaceum CBS 220.36 USA JQ520201 [31]
G. resinaceum SN06MT01 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453552 This study
G. resinaceum SN06MT02 Shandong, China Fruiting body KJ453553 This study
G. sichuanense HMAS42798 (holotype) Sichuan, China JQ781877 [11]
G. sichuanense Cui7691 Guangdong, China JQ781878 [11]
G. sinense SN05MT01 (CGMCC5.0069, Type 1) HMAS, China Strain KJ453554 This study
G. sinense SN05MT02 (CGMCC5.0069, Type 2) HMAS, China Strain KJ453555 This study
G. sinense SN05MT03 (CGMCC5.0069, Type 3) HMAS, China Strain KJ453556 This study
G. sinense SN05MT04 (CGMCC5.0069, Type 4) HMAS, China Strain KJ453557 This study
G. sinense SN05MT05 (CGMCC5.0069, Type 5) HMAS, China Strain KJ453558 This study
G. sinense GS111 Shandong, China DQ424995 [42]
G. sinense GS92 Hubei, China DQ424982 [42]
G. tenue GTEN24, Type 1 Shanghai, China DQ424977 [42]
G. tenue GTEN24, Type 2 Shanghai, China DQ424978 [42]
G. tropicum Dai9724 Hainan, China JQ781879 [11]
G. tropicum Yuan3490 Yunnan, China JQ781880 [11]
G. tropicum HMAS 263143 Hainan, China JF915410 [12]
G. weberianum CBS 219.36 Philippines JQ520219 [31]
G. weberianum HMAS 97365 Hainan, China JF915411 [12]
Tomophagus colossus CGMCC 5.763 Philippines JQ081068 [12]
T. colossus ANH s.n. Vietnam JN184395 [46]