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Table 2 Phytochemicals screening of the ethanolic seed extracts of eight jujube cultivars

From: Apoptosis-inducing effects of jujube (Zǎo) seed extracts on human Jurkat leukemia T cells

Phyto-chemicals Presence of phyto-chemical Jujube cultivars
‘Samros’ ‘Bombay’ ‘Apple’ ‘Taiwan’ ‘Nomsod’ ‘Jumbo’ ‘Kaew’ ‘Rianthong’
Alkaloids Orange or reddish brown precipitate ++ ++ +++ +++ +++ ++ ++ +
Flavonoids Colorless
Saponins Permanent foam
Reducing sugar Orange red precipitate +++ ++ +++
  1. −, absence of phytochemicals; +, presence of phytochemicals; +++, indicates the highest level; +, indicates the lowest level of phytochemical in positive results