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Table 1 ATR, AGR, ACR and AAR collected from different regions of China

From: Authentication of Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma (Shi Chang Pu) and its adulterants by morphological distinction, chemical composition and ITS sequencing

Herbs Sample Voucher no. Regions
ATR 1 ATR-1-2014 Liuzhou, Guangxi
2 ATR-2-2014 Lingbao, Henan
3 ATR-3-2014 Taiyuan, Shanxi
4 ATR-4-2014 Tianshui, Gansu
AGR 5 AGR-1-2014 Bozhou, Anhui
6 AGR-2-2014 Muyang, Jiangsu
7 AGR-3-2014 Xian, Shanxi
8 AGR-4-2014 Datian, Fujian
ACR 9 ACR-1-2014 Anxin, Hebei
10 ACR-2-2014 Suqian, Jiangsu
11 ACR-3-2014 Xiaoshan, Hangzhou
12 ACR-4-2014 Muyang, Jiangsu
AAR 13 AAR-1-2014 Jiujiang, Jiangxi
14 AAR-2-2014 Hanzhong, Shanxi
15 AAR-3-2014 Zigong, Sichuan
16 AAR-4-2014 Bozhou, Anhui