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Table 1 Search terms for the systematic review

From: Efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine for stroke modifiable risk factors: a systematic review

Chinese herbal medicine Chinese herbal medicine [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Chinese medicine [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Chinese herb* [Title/Abstract] OR Chinese herbal [Title/Abstract]
 Stroke risk factors High blood pressure Hypertension [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Blood pressure [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Hypertens* [Title/Abstract] OR Prehypertens* [Title/Abstract] OR Systolic [Title/Abstract] OR Diastolic [Title/Abstract] OR
High cholesterol Cholesterol [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Triglycerides [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Dyslipidemia [MeSH Term & Keyword] OR Epicholesterol [Title/Abstract] OR HDL [Title/Abstract] OR LDL [Title/Abstract] OR Triglyceride* [Title/Abstract] OR Hyperlipidem* [Title/Abstract] OR Lipidem* [Title/Abstract] OR
Irregular pulse Cardiac arrhythmias [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Atrial fibrillation [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Dysrhythmia* [Title/Abstract] OR Cardiac arrhythmia* [Title/Abstract] OR
Transient ischaemic attack Transient ischaemic attack [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Transient ischaemic attack* [Title/Abstract] OR
High blood glucose Diabetes [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Mellitus [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Impaired glucose tolerance [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Diabet* [Title/Abstract] OR NIDDM [Title/Abstract] OR IDDM [Title/Abstract] OR T2DM [Title/Abstract] OR *insulin* [Title/Abstract] OR Glucose [Title/Abstract] OR
Overweight Obesity [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Overweight [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Metabolic syndrome [MeSH Terms & Keyword] OR Obes* [Title/Abstract] OR Adiposity [Title/Abstract] OR Adipos* [Title/Abstract]
  1. * Truncation, refering to all records that have those letters with any ending