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Table 1 Current HCS instruments

From: High content screening for drug discovery from traditional Chinese medicine

  Company Name Light source Website
Confocal microscope GE Healthcare InCell Analyzer 6000 Laser
  Lecia Microsystems TCS SP5 Laser
  Molecular Devices ImagreXpress Micro Laser
  Perkin Elmer Opera Laser
Wide-field microscope GE Healthcare InCell Analyzer 2000 Halide lamp
  Intelligent Imaging Innovations 3i Marianas Arc lamp
  Molecular Devices ImageXpressMICRO XLS Arc lamp
  Olympus Scan^R Arc lamp
  TTP LabTech Acumen eX3 Laser
Confocal combined with BD biosciences BD Pathway 855 Arc lamp
Wide-field BD biosciences BD Pathway 435 Arc lamp
  Perkin Elmer Operetta Arc lamp
  Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan VTI Arc lamp
  Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 LED
  Thermo Scientific CellInsight™ CX5 LED