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Table 4 Top five molecular and cellular functions involving differentially expressed genes that responded to both C. pilosula and A. membranaceus identified using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

From: Identifying the functions and biomarkers of Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus aqueous extracts in hepatic cells

Name P-value Molecules
Cellular development 2.12E−02 to 7.19E−07 22
Cellular growth and proliferation 2.12E−02 to 7.19E−07 24
Cellular movement 1.89E−02 to 9.66E−06 15
Cell death and survival 2.12E−02 to 2.41E−05 24
Amino acid metabolism 6.98E−03 to 5.50E−05 6