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Table 7 Secondary metabolite of other endophytics in Ginkgo biloba

From: Endophytes from Ginkgo biloba and their secondary metabolites

No.MetabolitesCAS numberMolecular structureEndophytesApplicationReferences
12-(Hydroxymethylthio)ethanol876503-58-1 Colletotrichum sp. NTB-2Platelet aggregation inhibitor, an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, an antineoplastic agent[63]
2Apigenin-8-C-β-d-glucopyranoside3681-93-4 Colletotrichum sp. [63, 64]
36-Ethoxyl-2,4-amide lactone  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CGMCC 5569 [64]
46-Hydroxylbutyl-2,4-amide lactone  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CGMCC 5569 [64]
56-Hydroxypropyl-2,4-amide lactone  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CGMCC 5569 [64]
6Biuret108-19-0 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CGMCC 5569Used for preventing, destroying or mitigating pests[64]
7Ginkgolide B15291-77-7 Oospora wallr. G10Fibrinolytic agents[65]
82′-Deoxyuridine/uracil deoxyriboside951-78-0 UnidentifiedAntimetabolites[65]
93-Methylpiperazine-2,5-dione6062-46-0 Unidentified [65]
10Adenine73-24-5 Unidentified [65]
11Adenine deoxyriboside  Unidentified [65]
12Adenosine58-61-7 UnidentifiedUsed as an initial treatment for the termination of paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia[65]
13Quercetin117-39-5 Stemphylium sp.
Act inomyces
Antioxidants[37, 66]
Nodulisporium hyalosporum
Schizophyllum commune Fr.
Fusella Sacc
Alternaria sp
Sphacelia sp.
Anpelomyces humuli
Phoma glomerate [30, 61]
Trichothecium [53]
Mucor circinelloides [40]
Sphaeropsis sp. B301 [68]
14Kaempferol520-18-3 Fusella Sacc
Alternaria sp.
Gibberella sp.
Sphacelia sp.
Dematium Pers
As a selective estrogen receptor modulator[66]
Trichothecium [53]
Sphaeropsis sp. [68]
15Cerebroside B88642-46-0 Phyllosticta sp. TP78, (GenBank ID: KC445736)An antimicrobial compound[20, 21]
16Cerebroside C98677-33-9 Phyllosticta sp. TP78 (GenBank ID: KC445736)Increases tolerance to chilling injury and alters lipid composition in wheat roots[20, 21]
17Enniatin B119914-20-6 Tuberculariaceae F1-3Fusarium mycotoxins[69]
18Enniatin D19893-21-1 Tuberculariaceae sp. F1-3Inhibition of Botrytis cinerea spore germination[69]
19Benzeneethanol/Phenylethyl alcohol60-12-8 Muscodor albus strain GBAAnti-bacterial agents and antioxidants. Anti-Infective Agents[69]
20Ginkgolide C15291-76-6 Gloeosporium; Tolura; PhacodiumReduced lipid accumulation and suppresses adipogenesis[32]
21Kaempferide491-54-3 Phoma glomerataReverse bacterial resistance to amoxicillin in AREC[61]
Anpelomyces humuli [61]
22Rutin153-18-4 Mucor circinelloides GF521Used therapeutically to decrease capillary fragility[61]
Nodulisporium hyalosporum [67]
23Sporothriolide154799-92-5 Nodulisporium sp. A21Used to treat the infection caused by candida albicans and cryptococcus neoformans[55]
24Isorhamnetin480-19-3 Stemphylium sp.
Alternaria sp
Gibberella sp.
prevents endothelial dysfunction, superoxide production, Isorhamnetin appears to be a potent drug against esophageal cancer[62]
sphaeropsis [68]
Plantactinospora sp. NEAU-gxj3 [20, 21]
25Antibiotic U-6216282516-67-4 Plantactinospora sp. NEAU-gxj3Inhibited the growth of Gram-positive bacteria[20, 21]
26Salternamide C1662688-81-4 sphaeropsis [68]
27Abscisic acid21293-29-8 Phoma betaePlant Growth Regulator[69]
28Taxol33069-62-4 Phomopsis sp. 2 strain
BKH 30 (BSL No. 72)
An antineoplastic agent, tubulin modulators[70]
Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
29Acetic acid, methyl ester79-20-9 Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
302-Butanone78-93-3 Muscodor albus strain GBAPolar aprotic solvent[69]
31Acetic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester110-19-0 Muscodor albus strain GBAAn antifungal agent[71]
321-Propanol, 2-methyl78-83-1 Muscodor albus strain GBAPossesses nicotine-like synaptotropic actions on the nervous systems[71]
331-Butanol, 3-methyl-,acetate123-92-2 Muscodor albus strain GBA [71]
34Cyclohexane,1-methyl-4-methylene2808-80-2 Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
352,3-Dimethyl-3-isopropyl-cyclopentene73331-73-4 Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
361-Butanol, 3-methyl123-51-3 Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
37Pyrrolidine123-75-1 Muscodor albus strain GBA [72]
38Germacrene B15423-57-1 Muscodor albus strain GBA [72]
39α-Sinensal17909-77-2 Muscodor albus strain GBA [69]
40Propanoic acid, 2-methyl79-31-2 Muscodor albus strain GBA [73]
41Trans-caryophyllene87-44-5 Muscodor albus strain GBAAnti-inflammatory agents[73]
424-Piperidinone, 1-methyl1445-73-4 Muscodor albus strain GBA [73]
43Acetic acid, 2-phenylethyl ester103-45-7 Muscodor albus strain GBA [73]
44(+)-Vitrene90250-82-1 Muscodor albus strain GBA [73]