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Table 1 List of symbols

From: Translating traditional herbal formulas into modern drugs: a network-based analysis of Xiaoyao decoction

Target Pathway efficacy (PE) Edge efficacy (EE) Length of edge (L) Network efficiency (NE) Network efficiency decrease (NED) value
Ti \(PE = \frac{{N_{j} - 1}}{{N_{j} }}\) \(EE = \frac{{N_{1} - 1}}{{N_{1} }} \times \cdots \times \frac{{N_{t} - 1}}{{N_{t} }}\) \(L_{affected} = \frac{1}{EE}\) \(L_{unaffected} = 1\) \(NE_{i} = \mathop \sum \limits_{m \ne n \in G} \frac{1}{{d_{mn} }}\) \(NED_{i} = NE_{0} - NE_{i}\)
  1. Ti setting-off target i, Nj the number of targets in a pathway, t the number of affected pathways in an edge, G a set of nodes in a graph, m, n nodes in a graph, \(d_{mn}\) the shortest path length between nodes m and n, NE0 original network efficiency, NEi network efficiency after setting off target i