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Table 1 Search strategy (through PubMed)

From: Acupuncture methods for allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and bayesian meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Search query
1. Search “Rhinitis, Allergic”[Mesh] OR “Allergic Rhinitis”[tiab] OR “rhinallergosis”[tiab]
2. Search (“clinical”[tiab] AND “trial”[tiab]) OR “clinical trial”[Publication Type] OR “random*”[Title/Abstract] OR “clinical trials as topic”[MeSH Terms] OR “random allocation”[MeSH Terms] OR “therapeutic use”[MeSH Subheading]
3. Search 1 AND 2
4. Search “Acupuncture Therapy”[Mesh] OR “Acupuncture”[Mesh] OR “Moxibustion”[Mesh] OR “acupuncture”[tiab] OR “electroacupuncture”[tiab] OR “acupuncture-moxibustion”[tiab] OR “meridian*”[tiab] OR “acupoint”[tiab]OR “acupuncture points”[tiab] OR “acupressure-acupuncture therapy”[tiab] OR “warm needling”[tiab]OR “moxa needle”[tiab] OR “acupuncture plus moxibustion”[tiab] OR “moxibustion with warming needle”[tiab] OR “auricular acupuncture”[tiab] OR “auricular needle”[tiab] OR “ear acupuncture”[tiab] OR “moxibustion”[tiab] OR “electronic acupuncture”[tiab] OR “fire acupuncture”[tiab] OR “electronic acupuncturetranscutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation”[tiab]
5. Search 3 AND 4
6. Search 5 AND “English”[lang]