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Table 3 Corresponding relationship between bioactive ingredients in Drynariae Rhizoma and shared genes

From: Development of software enabling Chinese medicine-based precision treatment for osteoporosis at the gene and pathway levels

MolID Shared gene Relationship
MOL001040 PTGS2 Target
MOL001040 PRKACA Target
MOL001978 NOS2 Target
MOL001978 PTGS2 Target
MOL001978 PRKACA Target
MOL001978 CCNA2 Target
MOL002914 PTGS2 Target
MOL002914 PRKACA Target
MOL000449 PTGS2 Target
MOL000449 ADRA2A Target
MOL000449 PRKACA Target
MOL000358 PTGS2 Target
MOL000358 PRKACA Target
MOL000422 NOS2 Target
MOL000422 PTGS2 Target
MOL000422 PRKACA Target
MOL000422 TOP2A Target
MOL000422 RELA Target
MOL000422 AHSA1 Target
MOL000422 CDK1 Target
MOL000422 ICAM1 Target
MOL000422 AHR Target
MOL000422 GSTM1 Target
MOL000422 GSTM2 Target
MOL004328 PTGS2 Target
MOL004328 PRKACA Target
MOL004328 RELA Target
MOL004328 LDLR Target
MOL004328 SOAT2 Target
MOL004328 ABAT Target
MOL000492 PTGS2 Target
MOL000492 PRKACA Target
MOL005190 PTGS2 Target
MOL005190 PRKACA Target
MOL000569 PTGS2 Target
MOL000006 PTGS2 Target
MOL000006 PRKACA Target
MOL000006 RELA Target
MOL000006 CDKN1A Target
MOL000006 TOP1 Target
MOL000006 ICAM1 Target
MOL000006 BIRC5 Target
MOL000006 CCNB1 Target
MOL000006 TOP2A Target
MOL000006 NUF2 Target
MOL009078 PTGS2 Target
MOL009078 TOP2A Target
MOL009091 NOS2 Target
MOL009091 PTGS2 Target
MOL009091 CCNA2 Target
  1. MolID the ID number of bioactive ingredients in Drynariae Rhizoma; Shared gene the shared gene between bioactive ingredients of Drynariae Rhizoma and osteoporosis