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Table 1 Medicinal herbs that suppress cellular responses induced by cerebral ischemia

From: Anti-inflammatory effects of Chinese medicinal herbs on cerebral ischemia

Targeted cells/molecules Herb or compound
Microglia/microphage andrographolide [30], paeonol [11], wogonin [34],Sophora japonica [13], Angelica sinensis [51], Panax Notoginseng [15], apocynin [10]
Astrocytes Zizyphus jujube[16]
Adhesion molecules  
   Selectins polydatin [24]
   Integrins polydatin [24]
   ICAM-1 ferulic acid [26], polydatin [24], Panax Notoginseng saponins [22], apocynin [20], paeoniflorin [23]