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Table 1 Diagnosis CDC-1994 criteria

From: Validation of the qi blood yin yang deficiency questionnaire on chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms
A. Major criteria (both criteria required)
 1. Severe fatigue >6 months
  a. Persistent or relapsing in course
  b. Does not resolve with bed rest
  c. Significant reduction in average daily activity (below 50 % of prior activity)
 2. Other causes excluded
  a. See fatigue causes
B. Minor criteria (4 or more present for 6 months)
 1. Headache
  a. New type, severity or pattern
  b. Typically non-focal headache
 2. Migratory polyarthralgias
  a. Non-inflammatory (no swelling or erythema)
 3. Myalgias
 4. Postexertional malaise or fatigue
  a. Duration >24 h
 5. Short-term memory or concentration impaired
 6. Pharyngitis
 7. Tender cervical or axillary adenopathy
 8. Non-restorative sleep