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Fig. 2

From: Baduanjin exerts anti-diabetic and anti-depression effects by regulating the expression of mRNA, lncRNA, and circRNA

Fig. 2

Volcano-Plot, Scatter plot and Hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed mRNAs (a, b, c), circRNAs (e, f, g) and lncRNAs (i, j, k). Volcano-Plot above the green parallel line (P < 0.05) and outside the two longitudinal green lines indicated differentially expressed genes between the two compared samples. Scatter plot x-axis and y-axis represent FPKM mean values (log2 transitions) of two groups of gene. Analogous, green and red dots represent down-and up-regulated genes respectively, and the gray dots represent non-significantly different genes. d The transcriptional coverage profile is used to assess the 5 ‘or 3’ preference of the sample library fragment. h circRNA length distribution chart. X-axis and y-axis represent the number and the longth of circRNAs, respectively. i Types and counts of differentially regulated lncRNAs detected by Illumina sequencing (log2FC ≥ 0.585 and P < 0.05). The amount of each lncRNA type was accumulated in a bar graph, showing up-regulated and down-regulated lncRNAs, respectively

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